Italo Perin Group

A new group, a long history, three companies in continuous evolution.

Italo Perin Group is the name of the company to which Art Serf, Lamec and Mittel now belong.

To be precise, the name and surname of whom started an entrepreneurial adventure in which the family imprint, which coincides with the sign of an initiative rooted in culture of a territory and its community, has made, and continues to do the difference.

A tribute to the ability to carry on the entrepreneurial project of a lifetime with courage, commitment and passion, transforming each goal achieved into a starting point towards the exploration of new opportunities for growth and development.

The stages of a growth process lead by passion and innovation.

Foundation of “Fratelli Perin”, a company in which a very young Remo Perin, known by everyone as Italo, his middle name, already works. The company, which initially manufactures tanks, quickly established itself in the production of semi-finished stainless steel products.


The natural result of the thirty-year process of growth and evolution of “Fratelli Perin” skills is the birth of Art Serf, a company that designs and manufactures equipment for the storage and distribution of food and drinks in the catering sector.


Two of the three Perin brothers decide to take other paths. Remo Italo Perin remains at the helm of Art Serf. A period of intense development follows.


Acquisition of Lamec, a company specialised in the processing of metal pipes and profiles for the production of components for the refrigeration, air conditioning, naval, household appliances, catering, coffee machines sectors.


Foundation of Oxin, a company that quickly established itself in the design and production of kitchens and catering equipment for cruise ships.


Foundation of Primax, a company that produces ovens and blast chillers for professional catering.


Oxin is sold.


Acquisition of Mittel, a company specialised in the production of stainless-steel tables, cabinets, sinks and wall units for the kitchens and professional catering and public spaces.


Primax is sold.


Italo Perin Group is born, a reality to which Art Serf, Lamec and Mittel now belong.